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Giving A Bit

What is Aphasia?

Living with Loss of Language

  • Aphasia is a communication disorder that robs you of the ability to communicate.

Aphasia explained

Do you live in Gloucestershire?

Do you have Aphasia?

Volunteering opportunities


Welcome to AphasiaNow

A social initiative by people living with Aphasia


Our vision is to be an aphasia-friendly website, and to provide a weekly support group in Gloucestershire/UK:

  • to be a site that will encourage aphasic people to share experiences and pass on their aphasia expertise via social media,
  • join with aphasic people to campaign to improve services,
  • develop independence and to lead fulfilling lives despite aphasia,
  • raise awareness of how aphasia affects people and their families. We need to raise awareness in the general public and in those whose work brings them into contact with aphasic people.

Aphasia Now Resources / Recovery

  • AphasiaNow offer information and news about aphasia and try to provide better opportunities and aphasia related resources.
  • AphasiaNow also provides information for aphasic people and their families.
  • AphasiaNow can only achieve its aims if people with aphasia use the site.
  • But, if you have a professional interest in aphasia, you will also find the site interesting and useful.

A Stroke of Genius

On-line art gallery by people with aphasia

Questions? Fragen? Preguntas? Fr├ągor?

Multi lingual Aphasia service




Tel +44 (0) 1453 768811

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If you found this page useful please consider making a donation. Aphasia Now rely on generous donations to provide this information to our visitors: