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A social initiative by and for people living with Aphasia



At AphasiaNow we provide long term help and support for people with Aphasia in Gloucestershire.

This includes hosting activities such as a weekly support group, workshops, outings and therapiest led activities.

These give our members and their partners support within the community, with the aim to increase confidence and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Our weekly support group in Tuffley is chaired by Jenny Dautlich, a retired public health doctor and stroke survivor, and steered by Jenny, Chris and Paul, who have aphasia, and volunteers, as well as professional therapists.

Professor Chris Code

Patron of AphasiaNow

AphasiaNow has asked me to be a Patron for the site. That is a great honour and a privilege for me. I only hope I can be useful. It is certainly my aim to do what I can for Aphasia Now.

I am not aphasic, but I work with aphasic people and other professionals to do what I can to help aphasic people to achieve their aims to:

What is Aphasia?

Living with Loss of Language

  • Aphasia is a communication disorder that robs you of the ability to communicate.

Aphasia explained

Do you live in Gloucestershire?

Our support group meets in Tuffley, near Gloucester (GL4 0PE)

Hilary term starts January 6th, 2020

Group days at Tuffley:

January 13, 20, 27, February 10, 17, 24, March 9,16, 23, 30

Tobin's Cafe informal get-together from 11am - 1pm:

January 6th and March 2nd

January 2019 - New Steering Group

Paul, Jenny and Chris being supported by Sarah


Stewart and Miriam

Togetherness is Strength


Aphasia & Stroke

UK and International events


A Stroke of Genius

On-line art gallery by people with aphasia

Peter E

Best Practice Recommendations for Aphasia

People with aphasia may find these recommendations useful


These recommendations are aimed at health professionals across the world

Volunteering opportunities


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