Cath & Daphne

The AphasiaNow conference


"I arrived not knowing quite what to expect, but I walked into the main hall and I was amazed at the professional way everything had been arranged, from the helpful information pack to the varied programme. Catherine and I had a really enjoyable and inspiring day.

I enjoyed the inspirational talks and especially meeting other carers and aphasics, listening to their stories and feeling a kinship that they had experienced similar traumas and experiences that my daughter and our family as a whole had gone through.

I felt the highlight was the very end session when various attendees expressed their feelings with regard to the conference. It was uplifting and moving to know that you had taken part in a group event which contributed to other people feeling freshly inspired and encouraged to carry on, never giving up on the progess you could make, either small or large.

Both Catherine and I are very grateful to have been able to be involved in such an excellent conference and our thanks go to the outstanding team who put so much effort into making this Conference such a success, certainly from our personal perspective.

With very best wishes

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