My Mum Mary


My Mum had her first stroke in September 2011. My cousin recognised the symptoms, called the ambulance and Mum was in hospital and being treated within 1 hour.

The stroke damaged her front parietal lobe, thus affecting her speech and reasoning. The only word she could say was ‘really’ and the only thing she could write was 1937, her birth date.

Over the next week Mum’s determination to go to her granddaughter’s wedding, along with the amazing help from the OTs and speech therapists, and encouragement from friends and family enabled her to be discharged into community care.

During the next year, Mum had to learn how to brush her teeth, dress herself, choose what to wear, use money, cook, read and write, cross the road and do the shopping. All simple tasks for us but a significant challenge to Mum.

During her recovery, Mum spent time in Gloucester. Here she has had the chance to share her experiences with the AphasiaNow group on several occasions. She found it really helpful to be able to talk to others with similar problems and pick up tips and exercises to be able to cope better with the condition.

By Christmas 2013, Mum could read a short novel and live independently.

Unfortunately in January 2014 she had another smaller stroke affecting her left side and sight. Again she saw this as a bit of a nuisance and challenge, and at the time of writing, she is making good progress.

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