Dr Wouter Havinga


I am a GP (family doctor), originally from Holland and since 1992 working in England and am trained in coaching techniques. I am interested in self-help groups and experienced AphasiaNow as an outstanding example of a hub of people helping each other.

Often doctors focus on the diagnosis and treatment of what is lost, but I like to work with you to find out what is retained and to experience with you what developmental issues are emerging from your new situation.

The UK government is increasingly pushing people to take responsibility for their own health but no doubt you already have experienced that the NHS can not provide for all your particular needs. And that is why I like to journey with you and your carers on this path of actively participating in your quest to develop your life in a purposeful way.

I believe that we all GROW in life by taking action, as I have described in my book. Things can start gently so team up with AphasiaNow and the people in your area and make things happen for you!

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