Professor Chris Code


Aphasia Now has asked me to be a Patron for the site. That is a great honour and a privilege for me. I only hope I can be useful. It is certainly my aim to do what I can for Aphasia Now.

I am not aphasic, but I work with aphasic people and other professionals to do what I can to help aphasic people to achieve their aims to:

develop autonomy and independence and to lead fulfilling lives despite aphasia join with aphasic people to campaign to improve services 

raise awareness of how aphasia affects people and their families. We need to raise awareness in the general public and in those whose work brings them into contact with aphasic people.

Aphasia Now is for people with aphasia. AphasiaNow was created by people with aphasia, and is run by people with aphasia.

The vision of AphasiaNow is to be an aphasia-friendly website:

to provide a forum for aphasic people to communicate with each other all over the world

to provide a support group in Gloucestershire

to be a site that will encourage aphasic people to share experiences and pass on their aphasia expertise.

Aphasia Now also provides information for aphasic people and their families.

One of its aims is to encourage aphasic people to become independent and autonomous.

Aphasia Now can only achieve its aims if people with aphasia use the site.

But, if you have a professional interest in aphasia, you will also find the site interesting and useful.

If you found this page useful please consider making a donation. Aphasia Now rely on generous donations to provide this information to our visitors: