Phil Nossek

I worked for Consulting Engineers in Oxford..

.. on 4 Dec'03 I got up, went into my bathroom & showered, but I couldn't control the water temp and after repeatedly scalding, and freezing myself I gave that up. "It must be one of those things" I said, & went to the office ..

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My attraction to AphasiaNow was that it appeared to have such a fresh outlook, not the usual fuddy duddy of spielling out the definition and woes of being struck with aphasia. We know what that is. This appeared different.

I would like Aphasia Now to grow with new people who are like minded - I feel that it can. I say that with tongue-in-cheek, I know it's difficult to get new members, they don't grow on trees for the plucking. The existing members, who may be getting-on-a-bit, need not feel they haven't a place - I'm 63 approaching 64, and yes I feel the cold in Winter (summer too, sometimes !) etc. I don't say "just brush it aside, ignore it, blah blah"'s not that easy, but it is how you think, it is how you re-act to bad news, ...........and it keeps you young ! Try it!

Tim Wells MA (Cantab) MEng CEng MIET MIEEE

My Profile (Or how I got there!)

Well I experienced stroke, and resulting Aphasia, on the operating table in December 1999.

I had gone in with a benign tumour to my pituitary gland (The pituitary is at the back of the eyes).

Unfortunately, the operation went wrong and the result was a stroke. For the 9 months after the operation, I stayed in hospital, learning to walk and speak again. At the end of my time there though, I really wanted to return to work.

Apart from returning to work, I've been involved with other interests:-

  • Going to Australia
  • Attending the 'Last Night of the Proms' at the Albert Hall
  • Gliding
  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Massage
  • Akido (Martial Arts)
  • Pop Concert (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • Alexander Technique
  • Going to see the Northern Lights
  • Going to Tenerife with my new partner

    Where else is there to conquer?! :-)
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