Dysphasia (Aphasia) Support Groups

The Stroke Association helps people with dysphasia in many parts of the country. People meet at a weekly group. We train volunteers to work with one person or a small group. Together they learn new ways to "talk" – drawing, writing, gesture, computers and laughing of course. Our volunteers are Conversation Partners.

We help people to be confident. We don’t want people to stay in our groups forever. We help them to try new and exciting things outside the group. Such as art courses, computer training, joining clubs and making friends. Sometimes a volunteer will go with them at first until they are happy on their own. We teach people running the courses and clubs about aphasia.

Our service is paid for by Primary Care Trusts. We would like to have this service for everyone. If it isn’t in your area ask your GP "Why don’t we have this help?"

Heather Webber, Bristol

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