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Charity dedicated to providing ongoing speech therapy using computer based programmes and one-to-one help via a team of volunteers

AbilityNet - Assistance with your computer in your home

Volunteers offering FREE local computer assistance to disabled people

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Computers & Internet


Left hand mouse / tracker ball

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Voice recognition software

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Tell your computer what to do!

Dictate to your computer!

Did you ever want to just tell your computer what to do? Now you can for FREE!

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e-Speaking Voice & Speech Recognition software

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Aphasia Software and Apps Finder

Free Online Resource for People with Aphasia


The  website has information about software programs and apps for people with aphasia in the English language.

Aiming to help people with aphasia to find  software that may be useful to them.

The first page in the website is as aphasia friendly as possible. This has been done without compromising the purpose of the site.

Communication Matters

Enabling people to communicate, by ..


.. publishing and distributing books, journals & other information on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).


Word prediction software

This is a word prediction program.

The user enters text in any Windows application. A pop-up window appears on the screen with up to 10 word predictions...

Augmentative and alternative communication (USA)

Webcast on the use of AAC by people with primary progressive aphasia


Click this link for the video about the benefits of AAC Interventions for Persons with Primary Progressive Aphasia

REVIVO - free software!

Computer aided therapy software for Windows ..


.. by Chris Silex.

A close friend of Chris had a stroke, and the 2 weekly hours of speechtherapy did not help much. More practice was needed.

So Chris got together with his therapist and wrote Revivo.

Whenever friends come, or he is alone and bored, he works and plays with Revivo. It seems to give him a lot of pleasure.

Studies reveal: minimum 9 hours of practice per week are needed for results.

Aphasia wallet card

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speakability card

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