BBC interview with Dr Jenny Dautlich, chairman AphasiaNow

Attention Span Problems?

Read Jane Austin

Jane reaches part of the brain others can't!


Locked-in-syndrome affects around 1% of people who have as stroke. It is a condition for which there is no treatment or cure ..

Aphasia - the award winning short film

The true story of actor Carl McInty ..

Helping bi-lingual aphasics

Maria Munoz

If you ever tried to speak a foreign language, you know how tough it can be. the native speaker ...

Kirk Douglas

BBC interview with Michael Parkinson

Mozart's Clarinet Quintet

In this programme Professor Paul Robertson describes how his wife played this piece to him whilst he lay in a coma.

People with aphasia being left out

People with aphasia: capacity to consent, research participation and intervention inequalities


Aphasia Diary by playwright Nick Darke

The entire recording of Dumbstruck is now available online. Click the link ..

Aphasia video by the Adler Aphasia Cente

Shout Out about Aphasia

How it feels to have a Stroke

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor

Fascinating account of the stroke this neuroanatomist suffered.

The Stroke Rap

University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham, USA

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