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What we do:

We offer long-term support to adults who have Aphasia


Our activities are aimed to improve everyday communications skills.

We help our members to facilitate independence and enabling them to lead fulfilling lives despite aphasia.

We encourage participation in our classes to stimulate co-ordination, memory and communication:

  • TTT (Time toTalk)
  • Co-ordination exercises
  • Dance to our own music
  • Art therapy & Crafts
  • Games & Brain teasers to exercise memory & concentration
  • iPad sessions

Everything we do is in response to the needs and suggestions of our members.

And we have a lot of fun and cameradery especially on our travels together.

Our team is led by Dr Jenny Dautlich, who has aphasia, and supported by Chris and Paul, and therapists and volunteers with real understanding and compassion.

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A part-time carer's comments


"Since attending this group over the last year I have seen a gradual but noticeable improvement in her speech and sentence construction, along with a significant increase in both confidence and mental stamina. She gets there on time now, and lasts the full session!"

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