Art therapy with with Pia


We started by painting a tree in faded tones of green using water colour on wet paper in order to keep to form loose and mobile.

During the second session soft pastels were used in power form on the painting from the previous week. This way the previously green tree received its Autumn colours.

The third session focused on the form and the texture of a variety of leaves. We placed the leaves the underside upwards and placed a sheet of thin paper over the leaves and rubbed the paper with wax crayon pieces (this imitates bras rubbing technique).

Once we had a selection of leaf forms visible with lines and textures, it all was painted over with thinned out acrylic paints to allow the leaf forms to shine through. This became a sheet of gift wrapping paper and the colours would not come off if wet.

In the beginning of the session we sung a short Autumn sound and towards the end time was put aside for everyone to share something they had experienced during each session. The group openly took an interest in each other’s work as the aim was just to experience the doing of it, and the end result was just showing that an effort had been made.  


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