City Lit

What do we offer?

CityLitCommunicGroup We offer two courses for people with aphasia. We also offer support for people with aphasia wishing to attend courses in the main programme.

Our Communication Group takes place every Wednesday afternoon. It is a conversation group for people living with aphasia and is led by a speech & language therapist. It offers you an opportunity to meet other people with aphasia, develop your communication skills, become more confident and support other people dealing with communication disability.

What group members say about this group
"Each week we choose a topic, café, the pub, the doctor, department store, the station ... all the different situations we find ourselves in... and we discuss it ... very good"
"I like hearing what other members are interested in..., and talking about my favourite subjects"

Our Getting Your Confidence Back course takes place every year and is for people who have had some speech therapy. Classes are every morning for one week. The course offers you the support of a group where you can build your confidence in your communication through:

  • talking and listening
  • learning about aphasia
  • talking and thinking about assertiveness
    identifying and setting goals for change

    Our Access to Learning team is available to assist people with aphasia wishing to attend courses in the main programme.
    They can help with:

  • access to buildings
  • pre-course visits
  • enrolment
  • support in the classroom
  • adapting course materials

    The team will work alongside you to identify your support needs and to provide the relevant support you may need to access a course of your choice.

    CityLitBldgOur new building is fully accessible with bright and airy classrooms and an inviting cafe. Frontline staff are also all being trained in Communication Disability Awareness to ensure a warm and friendly welcome

    For more information please contact:
    Tel 020 7492 2578
    Speech Therapy, Keeley Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 4BA

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