Chest, Heart & Stroke

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Headway has a network of over a hundred local groups across the United Kingdom.

Detailed information on many different types of brain injury and treatment and prevention.

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Different Strokes

Support for younger stroke survivors

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The Stroke Association

Tel 0303 3033 100

Brain and Spine  Foundation

Tel 0808 808 1000

Bristol Area Stroke Foundation

Tel 0117 964 7657

Reading to Stroke Patients

The 'InterAct' Reading Service provides a reading service for stroke patients on stroke wards.

"You've woken my mind up..."
Robin, The National Hospital

Patients said that being read to by an actor and having the chance to chat with the actor was a welcome relief from the monotony and isolation of being in hospital for a long time.

'InterAct' is reading in 15 stroke units in London hospitals and in 7 regional hospitals

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