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Aphasia is an acquired disorder, mainly caused by stroke, that affects a person's ability to communicate

As a Volunteer You will be able to ..

  • meet the group members who have Aphasia in a group setting.
  • help group members practise their conversation skills by encouraging him/her to tell you about topics of interest – for example, this may be about their experiences after his/her stroke.  
  • practise your listening skills, develop your skills of allowing the group member time to formulate their ideas and express themselves in a relaxed supportive setting.
  • encourage group members to make use of gesture – sketching- writing key words if an individual experiences difficulty with word- finding/ sentence formulation.
  • join in the discussions of the group(s) – a theme for each week will have been pre- planned and the group members frequently bring in their own resources to share with the group. You will be able to ask questions so encouraging the individual to tell you about his/her interests.
  • have a great opportunity of spending time with such an interesting group of adults.
  • Experience a rewarding 3 hours/week on Mondays laced with laughter and fun with a small group of intelligent individuals.

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